Key & Peele Sketch Of The Week: Hingle McCringleberry Slapped With Excessive Celebration Penalty For Thrusting One To Many Times

  • Jake O'Donnell

logan ryan td on Make A Gif

How many thrust is too many? It’s a good question — one that strangely didn’t come up when rumors began surfacing that the NFL was going to begin taking away touchdowns from players who celebrate or “taunt” en route to the end zone. Ya, Golden Tate was being a leg dick. But that’s on him, right? Isn’t being a leg dick punishment enough? Even still, if you manage to dick leg out a 50-yard score, does the NFL have the right to legtate dictate how you express your happiness?

(If you’re not getting the dick/leg joke, you need to see the episode when it re-airs on Friday night at 8pm.)

But Key & Peele actually raise an important point about officiating: How do you decide when a “celebration” become a “taunt”? How much celebrating is acceptable until it’s considered “excessive”? How many humps is too many? Three? Does that mean two humps is “acceptable”?

Fun fact about the sketch:

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