Kitty Has Claws: National NFL Reporter Has Twitter Battle With Jacksonville Jaguars’ Mascot

  • Rick Chandler

I suspect that only those who don’t know Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio would be surprised by the fact that he’s feuding on Twitter with a costumed mascot. No sir, I am not kidding. In this corner is Florio: whose prickly, finely-buffed Barney Fife-ian personality no doubt comes from never leaving his computer screen. And in this corner is Jaxson DeVille, mascot for a hopeless NFL franchise, but sharp in wit as well as claws. Oh, it’s on.

But why? Florio probably wrote something uncomplimentary about the Jaguars (not hard to do), which I am not in the mood to look up. Oh wait, here it is:

Jaxson grew up in the cellar of the AFC South: the geographical bottom of the NFL food chain. So you either fight back or you’re someone’s dinner. Usually you’re someone’s dinner.

Anyway, Florio actually responds to Jaxson’s taunts: quite a rookie mistake for a veteran scribe.

Here we see Florio resorting to the numbers insult: a variation of the old “I have more Twitter followers than you” attack. Those who use this gambit should be aware that your number of followers/readers does not necessarily equate to talent or relevance: if it did, Justin Bieber and J.K. Rowling would be the most talented people in the history of the world.

I disagree. I think that Florio would make a very convincing mascot.

Point deducted from Jaxson for using an old line from the movie Rounders.

Moral of story: never engage in a social media fight with someone who has time on his hands during the off-season.

Photos: NBC handout/Jacksonville Jaguars.