It’s Impossible To Watch This Weird GIF Of Knowshon Moreno Crying Fewer Than 6,000 Times

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Is: “I can’t stop looking at some football player crying” a valid excuse for not getting any work done? Seriously, I’ve seen this GIF a few hundred times and I can’t stop watching it. (It’s of Knowshon Moreno getting emotional during the national anthem before the Broncos-Chiefs game.)

I don’t know (shon) how he turns his tears into waterfalls, but it seems inconvenient. Watch the Lion King in bed, soak the sheets. Eat buffalo wings, ruin them with a pool of tears. Have a heart-to-heart while enjoying an adult beverage, lower the alcohol content through dilution. Shout-out to Knowshon for overcoming his disability and turning into a productive NFL player.

h/t reddit