The Jets Fan Who Punched A Girl Once Stabbed A Guy To Death

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kurt Paschke

Yesterday, we showed you the New York Jets fan that punched a woman in the face after they beat the New England Patriots at MetLife stadium.

Today, we learned he once stabbed someone to death but somehow only went to jail for four years, acquitted of murder. The Post has the scoop:

Kurt Paschke, 38, was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced to nearly four years in prison for killing Henri Ferrer, 17, of Bay Shore during a fight outside a Sayville pizzeria in 1992.

Paschke, who was 17 at the time, was originally charged with murder but ultimately convicted of the lesser charge.

Apparently his defense was, “I can honestly say I never sought the confrontation, but when it came, I did what I had to do.” Apparently, this works in a court of law.

And check out the whole story, because his excuse this time is pretty similar. He was “being defensive,” the girl and her friends were being drunk assholes during the game, and he was just protecting his mom (who, of course it has to mention, is a breast-cancer survivor).

It sounds like the guy wasn’t being a complete scumbag, if all of that stuff is true. But normal people don’t get themselves in situations where they have to punch drunk women in the face (not to mention stabbing people to death). There’s typically a better option, or 900 of them. The dude still hasn’t been arrested.

Oh, and this reportedly happened.

“One girl was putting her middle finger in face, saying, ‘F— you!’ to me,’’ Paschke’s mom said. “The girl who was bleeding took the blood and threw it in my face.”

How does one “throw blood?” Blood is not solid. You can throw water at someone, but that’s only because it’s typically held in a cup. There are holes in this story. And for now, I’m not giving the guy who stabbed someone the benefit of the doubt.

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