Ex-NFLer Kwame Harris Spoke To CNN About Being A Gay Athlete

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kwame Harris played offensive tackle in the NFL, mainly for the San Francisco 49ers, from 2003-2008. But never revealed that he was gay. We only know now because of this strange domestic incident he was involved in with an ex-boyfriend. We haven’t heard much from him since, but he recently talked to CNN about his life as a closet-gay athlete.

Harris is extremely well-spoken, and surprisingly svelte for a guy who played offensive lineman not too long ago. This also comes on the heels on a New York Times feature on gay ex-soccer-player Robbie Rogers that you should absolutely read. It’s sad that this is all happening with ex-athletes, but with all of this support going on, there’s a good chance a prominent athlete will come out soon.

But this is also occurring simultaneously with Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons calling it selfish for an active gay player to come out, so we may have to wait a little while longer.