Former NFL Player Extols Benefits Of Marijuana In Surreal ESPN Interview

  • Brad Cohen

Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley is known just as much for his erratic behavior as he is for his football skills. On “Outside the Lines” recently, Turley did his best to keep that reputation alive.

In an interview about NFL players’ misuse of painkillers, Turley goes on a bit of a tangent about “a little plant that grows out of the ground” (hint: he’s talking about marijuana). As he talks about how unfortunate it is that doctors prescribe chemicals while said plant remains illegal, he sounds a bit more like “The Dude” from The Big Lebowski than the man who threatened former coach Mike Martz or performed the infamous Kyle Turley Helmet Toss.

“I try to keep things personally a little more on, uh, um, uh, an alternative medical, uh, you know, thing,” Turley said in the Outside the Lines interview with host Bob Ley. He said he prefers to keep things natural, and doesn’t believe in the painkillers he sometimes needs (Vicodin) during the days he suffers most.

Later, Ley asked him if the “plant” he was referring to was cannabis. Turley responded by saying, “yes, that would be the one, Bob.”

While Turley says he tries to avoid taking painkillers, he does talk about NFL policies about painkillers in the full interview (when he isn’t discussing the benefits of marijuana, Turley actually had some good points to make).

Turley goes off on his tangent about 1:50 into the clip. Watch the full video below: