Kyle Vanden Bosch’s Red Devil Eyes Creeped Everyone The Eff Out On Thanksgiving

  • Dan Fogarty

Yesterday, before they sat down to feast on turkey, millions of Americans crowded around the television to watch the Lions take on the Packers for a big Thanksgiving day showdown. Unfortunately, they were soon left to explain to their kids why that crazy-looking bald man on the TV had red demon eyes.

The crazy, red-eyed man in question is Lions defensive lineman Kyle Vanden Bosch. He’s been wearing red contacts for awhile now, and when the camera panned to him during the national anthem, they were on fully display for a national TV audience. Which caused this reaction on Twitter:

Kyle Vanden Bosch: Happy Thanksgiving, good luck explaining my devil eyes to your kids. #Lions #Packers

Kyle Vanden Bosch carves turkey with his laser eyes! #HappyThanksgiving

Kyle Vanden Bosch red eyes creep me the heck out

kyle vanden bosch is one of the scariest looking people in the world, especially with the red eyes

Vanden Bosch just had red eyes. Tell I’m not the only one who saw that.

Are vanden Bosch eyes red????

The contacts in question are Nike Maxsight’s, although it’s unclear why they’re red. We’re guessing it’s to make opposing offensive linemen ask themselves, “Why does this crazy bald man across from me have red demon eyes?”