LaRon Landry Used A Fake ID To Play Pee Wee Football When He Was 4 Years Old

  • Dylan Murphy

Now, we’ve heard of professional athletes using fake IDs before. Fausto Carmona and Danny Almonte immediately come to mind. And that drunken purple teletubby guy, too. Because sometimes it pays to a bit younger or a bit older, depending. In LaRon Landry’s case, it paid to be a bit older. Five years old, to be specific.

First, know that LaRon Landry is jacked, and was probably a jacked little four-year-old way back when. That he could pass himself off as a year or two older, then, is hardly shocking. But that four-year-old LaRon Landry secured a fake ID to play pee wee football with 5-7 year-olds is, well shocking.

Via the New York Daily News:

“S LaRon Landry, who will be playing against his brother (Jacksonville Jaguars safety Dawan Landry) this week, fondly remembered his earliest days playing football. LaRon Landry said that when he was four-years old, he had a fake ID to play in the 5-7-year old peewee football league. ‘They called me the hammer,’ he said.”

Of course LaRon Landry was lighting people up at age four, becuase that’s pretty much his only skill on the football field. Still, we’d love to meet the parent that thought it would be a good idea to expose their four-year-old to bigger and faster collisions. And we’d also love to meet the parent that would get a fake ID for their child. And most importantly, we’d like to meet the man who forges fake five-year-old IDs.

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