Here’s A Glimpse Into How LaRon Landry Acquired His Terrifying Physique

  • Glenn Davis

Redskins (well, for now, at least) safety LaRon Landry has been working out. Not in the regular sense of “he’s going to the gym regularly and keeping himself in football shape during the offseason,” either – no, going to the gym as in… he’s the guy/bionic humanoid in the photo above. And as that photo took the internet by storm, a great many undoubtedly wondered: what is he doing to look like that?

Well, now we have a bit of an idea. A video came out a couple days ago, showcasing a few of the undoubtedly many, many workouts Landry does to look like… that. You can watch it below – prepare to feel lazy. Whether or not he’s too bulked up to be a defensive back, whichever team winds up with Landry can rest secure in the knowledge they’re getting a player who is very, very fit.

[Black Sports Online]