Larry Fitzgerald’s Dad Is Super Pissed About The Unfortunate State Of The Arizona Cardinals

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Like any father who just wants to see his child succeed, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. is upset. Upset that his son’s amazing god-given talent is going to such awful waste on an NFL team whose quarterback play is just about on par with a mediocre Pop Warner team.

It’s got to be heart-wrenching for Fitzgerald Sr., whose all-world wide receiver of a son should just not be playing for teams who lose 58-0. He used that thing, you know, Twitter, to tell us all how he feels.

After the Cardinals’ ninth straight loss (after a now incomprehensible 4-0 start), Fitzgerald Sr. was piiissssseeeddd.

Them’s be fighting words. I’m sure Fitzgerald Sr. is no more pissed than any ordinary Arizona Cardinals fan, but I do suppose those feelings are intensified when your son is the team’s top wide receiver and his talent is being wasted immensely. He’s not really an “ordinary” Arizona Cardinals fan. Now, the Fitzgerald family has been in this position before. Back when Larry Jr. was in high school, he was on the wrong side of a lopsided contest, similar to the one he found himself on Sunday. His dad’s course of action back then might not fly now.

About that. It might be hard for pops to bail Larry out now, what with the eight-year, $120 million contract he signed with the Cardinals last year. It’s almost a shame the Cardinals started the season on a four-game wining streak, knowing what we know now about the dire state of their quarterback position. Based on what we’ve seen this year, the right rookie quarterback in the right system can remedy even the worst team (remember the 2-14 Colts?). When your defense gives up 58 points to any team, clearly the quarterback situation isn’t the only thing that ills this team, but securing a high enough pick to draft a Matt Barkley or Geno Smith could help. They’re not exactly Andrew Luck or RGIII, but they can’t hurt.

And just for some perspective, let’s remember this Cardinals team beat the New England Patriots, 20-18, in Foxboro. The same Patriots team currently up 21-0 against the Houston Texans, laying a smackdown on an 11-1 team. And no logic was ever applied again.

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