Lauren Tannehill Made Hard Knocks Viewers Thrilled To Watch A Six-Win Team

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Lauren Tannehill — as we predicted — stole the show on HBO’s Hard Knocks last night. It took an eternity nine minutes of airtime before the first appearance of Dolphins quarterback of the future Ryan Tannehill’s wife, and she wasn’t on all that much, but the fact that she was on, and wasn’t dumb or mean, made fantasizing viewers quite happy.

To be fair to all three competitors in the Dolphins’ wide-open quarterback competition, however, we must note that fellow throwers David Garrard and Matt Moore showed that they’ve done all right for themselves, too. Oh, and also add basketball-player-turned-accountant-turned-football-player Les Brown to that list.

But Tannehill wins, and people freaked out when they saw her. Here’s a collection of Twitter reactions to her appearance. There was:

The cordial:

The creepily honest:

The witty:


The unique and confident:

The jealous:

The genius:

And a whole lot of this:

But a Lauren Tannehill post can’t end on that note. We give the people what they want. And that means… slideshow time!