A Letter That Contained A Picture Of Tim Tebow Forced A New Jersey City Hall To Evacuate (No, Really)

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Tim Tebow Scares Baby

This is a Tim Tebow story, but it’s not about a fabricated rumor of him returning to the NFL. It’s about his photo (well, a letter with a suspicious powder AND a Tebow photo in it) causing Jersey City’s City Hall to evacuate. It turned out to be harmless, so release your chuckle.

A letter to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop containing white powder — and a picture of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow — caused the evacuation of City Hall today and although harmless, it was clearly meant to look like a chemical or biological threat.

Threats are not funny. A crazy person liking Tebow is.

A source said the letter contained “spiritual stuff. Heaven stuff. A picture of Tebow.”

Airport security can’t justify selectively screening people of certain races or religions. They can justify selectively screening dudes in Tebow jerseys.