NFL Today Hosts Once Again Have Trouble Behaving Around Attractive Lady

  • Glenn Davis

Last year, in an effort to promote the Victoria’s Secret fashion show broadcast, CBS’ The NFL Today had model Candace Swanepoel on the program. Combine the “zany, off the wall antics!!!!!!!!!!!!” ethos of NFL pregame shows with a supermodel, and, well, you get this:

Yet even after that display, they decided to bring the Victoria’s Secret promo back this year, this time with model Lily Aldridge. Aldridge was a game guest, and knew what she was talking about (a fact that seemed to amaze the hosts). Overall, though, there was less laughing like little kids among the guys this time…until Boomer Esiason came in with one line that didn’t sit so well with the St. Petersburg TimesTom Jones:

“Dan’s looking at the notes. Shannon (Sharpe) is looking at other things.”

OK, yeah, pretty kid-like…but then again, “kid-like” is pretty par for the course for these shows, right? (Not that that makes it a good thing.) Even so, this Victoria’s Secret promo was better than last year’s giggle-fest, but still quite a long way from this. We’ll add video of the segment to this post when we can, but as a teaser, I’m pretty sure I heard someone (Esiason?) say “sick nasty” at one point. Seriously.

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