Lions LB Justin Durant Loves Chick-fil-A More Than Any Person Should

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Because he’s a Detroit Lion, Justin Durant just couldn’t go the entire offseason without doing something that would inevitably get him in trouble. OK, so he wasn’t arrested and he’s not in any real trouble yet — he just has a highly questionable love for Chick-fil-A. An “I’d-be-down-with-slavery-if-it-meant-I’d-still-get-my-chicken” kind of love.

When someone filled the linebacker in on the controversy swirling around Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy’s open affiliation with anti-gay organizations, he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to boycott the fast food chain. It’s not because Durant is some raging homophobe, the dude just loves his chicken. A lot.

Durant starts out with some pretty plausible arguments. Maybe the opinion of one individual really shouldn’t dictate where you get your fast food fix. He certainly thinks it shouldn’t.

Alright, nothing questionable here. Durant could care less about what Cathy believes, all he knows is he thoroughly enjoys the Chick-fil-A product. Turns out Durant could definitely care less about Cathy’s beliefs. Way less. Things start to get a little dicey when he responds to one follower:

Wow. I guess Durant really couldn’t be more apathetic about this whole situation. But seriously? Slavery? There wouldn’t be another place out there to get chicken if the COO supported slavery? I’m sure Colonel Sanders was an abolitionist back in his day.

Well here’s the moneymaker. Apparently it’s the lemonade (which, according to Durant, that “Sh*t is amazing”) that really separates Chick-fil-A’s product from the rest. You could have saved us a lot of grief there Justin. Here we are, sitting here thinking you’d still eat that chicken even if Dan Cathy was down slavery — we didn’t know the lemonade was a factor in this equation as well.

Oh, and the Arnold Palmer too.

[h/t Yahoo! Sports]