Literally Nothing Could Be Worse Than ‘The Butt Fumble’ So SportsCenter Is Retiring It

  • Eric Goldschein

For 40 weeks, a nation doubled over in uproarious laughter as it watched the epitome of failure that is Mark Sanchez running into his own teammate’s butt and decided, no, there is nothing from the past week that is as terrible than that. That’s how SportsCenter’s weekly “Worst of the Worst” segment continued to show a play from November 2012 — until today.

Starting next week, those of you who refuse to give Fox Sports Live a chance won’t have the opportunity to vote on Sanchez’s epic mistake:

We are retiring it this week due to the start of a new NFL season, and the feeling that it was time to start fresh,” said Senior Coordinating Producer Mark Summer. “The ‘Butt Fumble’ has won the ‘Not Top 10′ each week since last Thanksgiving, and we’re not sure anything could top it.”

Sadly, Sanchez himself won’t get a chance to start fresh, as his starting job has been handed to rookie Geno Smith while Sanchez recovers from injury. If there is any poetic justice in this world, however, Sanchez will win back the job in Week 7 and promptly figure out a way to throw a Butt Interception, or get Butt Sacked, or take a Butt Safety.