LIVE STREAM: NFL Draft 2017 Instant Fantasy Analysis

LIVE STREAM: NFL Draft 2017 Instant Fantasy Analysis
  • Gregg Sussman

Today is draft day 2017. Some consider it Christmas in April, others are giddy for a whole new world of possibilities for their struggling football teams (Hi Browns fans). For us, the magnitude of the day didn’t officially hit until this:

yahoo fantasy football

Fantasy football is officially BACK. Sure, we are interested in where Myles Garrett, Jonathan Allen, and Malik Hooker go tonight (okay, not really), but it’s the skill position players that really have us intrigued. Does Mitchell Trubisky land somewhere where he immediately has fantasy relevance? Can DeShaun Watson translate his success at Clemson to the NFL?

The debate of Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffery has waged on for months now. But the true debate begins right now. Who would we rather draft for the 2017 season? What about between Mike Williams, Corey Davis, and Jon Ross? We don’t really care who is going to the Hall of Fame, we just care who is going to score the most touchdowns this year!

Mel Kiper is the draft whiz and Todd McShay is pretty damn awesome also, but do we really care where these players go? No, we just care how fantasy relevant they are about to become. We care about how enticing their fantasy outlook now is. So instead of hearing about the player’s hand size or their 40 time, why not listen to what you really care about?! Fantasy football analysis!

Nobody breaks down the NFL draft from the fantasy football angle like Corey Parson and the guys from the FNTSY Sports Network. Parson is hosting three straight days of draft coverage on the FNTSY Sports Radio Network, including a live stream of the first round that you can watch below! Find out who Corey, Mike Blewitt, Jake Ciely and Emory Hunt believe landed in the best spots to help you right now and which players you should absolutely avoid in your draft. Also, be sure to listen to FNTSY Sports Radio Network on Saturday for the first experts fantasy football draft of the season!