Local News Anchors Will Shame Albert Haynesworth Into Passing Conditioning Test (Video)

  • Dan Fogarty

Poor, chubby, Albert Haynesworth. It’s bad enough that he failed his Mike Shanahan-imposed conditioning test, got made fun of by Shanahan for being a chunker, and had to listen to Sean Salisbury detail their drunken almost-fight John Elway’s boat. Now, local news teams are attempting to shame Haynesworth, known fatty, into passing the test.

Lindsay Murphy of Fox 5 in D.C. and Comcast’s Ivan Carter both ran the 300 yard shuttle run, which is essentially two sets of to-and-fro suicide sprints. The first set needs to be completed in under 70 seconds, the second needs to be under 73 seconds. There is a three-and-a-half minute rest in between.

Lindsay completed the first half, but ran into trouble during the second. Ivan, however, completed both sets, the second with 6 seconds to spare. It should be noted, that both Murphy and Carter are both more, um, svelte than the 350-pound Haynesworth.

Both segments are here, and aren’t especially captivating television (the Carter video contains a bit too much dude-panting for my taste), but in the spirit of making fun of the fat kid, here they are:

[Reporters attempt Haynesworth’s conditioning test]
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