Looking For A New NFL Player To Hate? Meet Antonio Brown

  • Joe Levine

There is no shortage of hate-able players in the NFL, but what’s one more to add to bag of douches? Steelers receiver Antonio Brown, come on down!

Believe me, I may seem like a hater, but I’m not actively looking for guys to hate. They just make it too easy. Brown is a great example of this. I grew up rooting for the Dallas Cowboys, so I am naturally anti-Washington Redskins whenever possible.

But Antonio Brown’s antics on this punt return against Washington today was enough to make me overlook my hatred for the ‘Skins and stock some new inventory at the jerk store.

Take a look at the play that earned this Pittsburgh receiver/return man a new hater.

Antonio Brown Is A Douche

Needless to say, it makes me happy that this play was called back because of a penalty. Instant karma’s gonna get you, baby.

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