LUCK PUNS GALORE: Andrew Luck Gets Lucky Bounce When Fumble Luckily Lands In His Lucky Luck And He Scores A Luckdown

  • Jake O'Donnell

One of the weirdest plays you will ever see. The Indianapolis Colts just pulled off an unforgettable comeback upset, down from 38-10 in the 3rd quarter. The final score was 45-44, thanks in large part to a unimaginable/brilliant score by Andrew Luck, which made it 38-41 (Chiefs still by three). After three turnovers, Luck managed to scoop up a Donald Brown fumble that careened off the offensive line, and rushed it in for a touchdown on an unsuspecting Chiefs defense.

We’re still stunned.

[] “If I throw a spherical ball in the air, I know exactly where it’s going,” says software engineer Ryan Morse. “If you throw a football in the air and it lands, it can go 30 different ways.”

“It’s more like 30 thousand. Or 30 billion,” adds physicist Toan Pham, [EA Sports’] technical director.

Perhaps luck has something to do with how it bounces?

That was lucky, Andrew.

Via SBNation GIF and GIFdSports