Ray Lewis Sure Is Emotional About This New Madden Game

  • Eric Goldschein

Ray Lewis has a knack for pumping us up. Whether addressing a bunch of lacrosse playing bros or the Stanford basketball team, Ray’s motivational speeches have become the stuff of legend. So do his words have the same impact when he’s talking about “leaving your mark” via Xbox or Playstation?

Clearly, on some level, this works. Ray is talking about his life, his career, and his legacy, which will live on until the world is pulverized by aliens seeking to build a galactic super-highway through our galaxy. And damn if it doesn’t make you want to hit somebody — even if those hits are purely virtual. Check it out:

But will these speeches keep having their desired effect if we start using them on everything? No offense to the professional video gamers of the world, but your legacy — whereby you have mastered the art of pressing “X” and then “O” and then hitting the turbo button when appropriate, possibly while sipping on a juice box and/or eating Doritos — and the legacy of those who simply want to unwind with some fake football before bedtime, justifiably pale in comparison to the real thing.

What comes next in the Ray Lewis Motivational Speeches series? One for people putting together Ikea beds? One for dogs who are about to be neutered? One that airs in early April reminding everyone to file their taxes, because the heart of a warrior can never be extinguished unless their 1040 E-Z isn’t in the mail on time? If we keep going at this rate, the Ravens will find themselves staring down the barrel of a playoff loss, and Ray Lewis’ oration will fall on deaf ears (or remind them to stop by Ikea on Monday).

So while this Madden looks totally awesome, and all that stuff about living long after the records are gone makes us want to start up a “Franchise Mode” file right away so we can build a lasting contender, it rings a little bit hollow to hear Ray Lewis telling us to do it with all our heart and soul and mind and a wireless controller. The EA Sports tagline is “It’s in the game.” Let’s keep it in the game, people.

h/t Reddit