Madden 15 Player Ratings: Top 5 DTs And The Top 6 DEs

  • Jake O'Donnell

This weekend we got a look at the top 11 pass rushers in Madden 15 — a game designed to fix the fatal flaw of football video games: Pass rushing. Historically, getting to the quarterback (without blitzing) has been a less-than-exciting race around the outside of offensive line. This year, EA wants to change all that.

Here are some of the tweaks they’ve made to help defenses keep the ball in the backfield:

The improvements are obvious before the ball is even snapped, as new animations replicate the pre-play behavior of an NFL line of scrimmage. Each position group has their unique set of fidget animations to prepare them for the snap of the ball.

In Madden NFL 15, Players can now trigger power pass rush moves by pressing the X/Square buttons while engaged with a blocker. These moves used to be triggered by flicking the R-Stick, which sometimes felt unresponsiveness. With the new controls, players will have more control and ability to get off blocks. Use these moves with powerful linemen like J.J. Watt, Chris Long and Julius Peppers.

Power pass rushers aren’t the only guys getting love, as finesse pass rush moves have also been improved. Players can now press the A/X buttons while engaged to trigger finesse pass rush moves from players such as Cameron Wake and Brian Orakpo.

Tomorrow, EA will begin releasing the ratings for their best defensive backs. The full schedule, below:

• July 21 – Top 13 Overall Rookies
• July 22 – Top 5 Overall QBs
• July 23 – Top 5 Overall RBs
• July 24 – Top 5 Overall WRs/Top 5 Overall TEs
• July 25 – Top 5 Overall OL Players
• July 26 – Top 5 Overall DEs
• July 27 – Top 5 Overall DTs
• July 28 – Top 5 Overall LBs
• July 29 – Top 5 Overall CBs
• July 30 – Top 5 Overall Safeties
• July 31 – Top 5 Overall Special Teams
• Aug. 1 – Top 10 Overall Players/ Full AFC and NFC North Ratings
• Aug. 2 – Full AFC and NFC South Ratings
• Aug. 3 – Full AFC and NFC East Ratings
• Aug. 4 – Full AFC and NFC West Ratings

All 54 rated players in Madden 15: