MADDEN 17: EA Sports Tweets Hilarious Response To Dez Bryant

MADDEN 17: EA Sports Tweets Hilarious Response To Dez Bryant
  • Tanya Ray Fox

On Monday, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant somewhat jokingly bemoaned his very-good-but-not-as-good-as-he’d-like rating on the wildly popular NFL video game ‘Madden NFL 17’.

Most media outlets and blogs, including ours, were aware that his complaints fell somewhere in between serious disappointment and jest, and were not meant to be taken too seriously. As it turns out, his dry humor didn’t translate as well to fans and across the internet as he would’ve hoped. Go figure.

Sounds like their were some seriously concerned football fans in Dallas; which is honestly a little ridiculous. But either way, the good people over at Madden jumped at the opportunity to get in on the joke. On Tuesday morning, before Bryant tweeted the “clarification” of his comments, the ‘Madden NFL’ Twitter account posted the following video as a mock “explanation” for why his rating dropped:

Come on, that’s funny. Obviously the entire thing is a fake controversy over fake football. Nothing should be taken to heart on either side. Unfortunately, Dezzy seems a little overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of coverage that this non-story has received. Here’s his final tweet in response to EA Sports:

I’d venture to say that the ‘Madden’ folks could not have posted a more fun response to the entire ordeal, but it’s clear that the humor sailed swiftly over Bryant’s head. OR…perhaps he’s now actually mad that ‘Madden NFL 17’ made him a terrible kicker; to which I would say: don’t dish it if you can’t take it, Dezzy.

Tanya Ray Fox

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