Manti Te’o, Post-Fake Dead Girlfriend: “My Trust In People Is The Same”

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Manti Te’o has been mostly quiet save for the Katie Couric interview, but USA Today Sports scored an exclusive interview with the former Notre Dame linebacker. Among the things he had to say: he thinks he “remains a first-round pick,” he got rid of his Twitter account and has no immediate plans to return to social media… and speaking of social media, he doesn’t seem to regret anything about the catfishing scandal:

“I didn’t do anything illegal. I didn’t break any rules, I didn’t hurt anybody. I just wasn’t very forthcoming, as forthcoming as I should have been but in that, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Some people would argue with that, certainly. But as far asNFL teams’ evaluation of him:

“Teams will be comforted by his passion,” senior analyst Rob Rang said. “Anybody I’ve ever talked to about him says he’s just naïve. “He’s a good football player. I still have him going in the first round — to Baltimore (at pick No. 32).”

Legendary speechmaker Ray Lewis to guy who fell for internet hoax – it would be an interesting change in the locker room dynamic.

Te’o said he is not currently dating anyone. But says he’s refused to allow the hoax to change him.


“The worst thing I could do in this whole situation is change who I am that has brought me to this point,” he said. “My trust in people is the same. I’m just more cautious.”

That’s kind of a contradiction. I guess he’ll trust the next fake person he meets, but will wait to fall in love with them. Or something like that.

Check out the whole interview here, and revel in the wonder that is Manti Naïvetéo.

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