Marc Trestman’s New Mansion Includes This Bulls’ Basketball Court

  • Rick Chandler

Who knew that five seasons coaching the Montreal Alouettes could get you this: your own indoor Bulls basketball court in Winnetka, IL. Marc Trestman is the new coach of the Chicago Bears, but really likes basketball (although he’s apparently not fond of three-pointers from the corner). His new $2.94 million house includes this court, where quite frankly I could live comfortably and not even visit the rest of the house very often.

But there’s more.

It’s French-Provincial style.

Six bedrooms.

Seven bathrooms.

3,150 square feet.

Cherry-wood-lined library.

Home movie theater.

Glass wine cellar.

Trestman also still owns a $775,000 home in Raleigh, NC, from when he offensive coordinator at North Carolina State.

Trestman’s Alouettes won two Grey Cups before he took over for Lovie Smith in Chicago in January. That’s a lot of house for a guy in such an uncertain profession. And I wonder if he even likes the Bulls? He was born and raised in Minneapolis, and went to the University of Minnesota. Timberwolves makeover?

OK, let’s take the tour: