Marcus Vick Arrested For Driving While Stoned, Because, Marcus Vick

  • Rick Chandler

Marcus Vick is ending 2013 in style. Michael Vick’s younger brother was arrested in Georgia this morning, and here are the reported details:

* Arrest occurred at 2:30 a.m.

* Vick was stopped for expired tags, registration.

* Police say he was high on marijuana.

* Was driving 2013 Lexus LX570.

* “Cops say Vick also admitted that he smoked weed just before driving the car.”

* Was not carrying a valid driver’s license, and was not licensed to drive in Georgia, according to police.

* Had “just over $1,000 in cash” in his pocket at the time of the arrest, and his passenger had $6,000 inside of a book bag.

Here’s the saddest stat of all: Marcus Vick is 29 years old … same age as LeBron James. Not a kid. Possessing pot shouldn’t be a serious crime, but driving while high? Unlicensed? In an unregistered car? With his history of unlawful shenanigans? Look, all I’m saying is that I’ve stuffed my younger brother in a trash can and played bongos on the lid for a lot less.

You’re 30 next year. Throw out the bong and buy a tie.