Mario Williams Suing Ex-Fiance To Get Back $785,000 Engagement Ring

  • Rick Chandler

Back in June of last year we dubbed Mario Williams the Bruce Wayne of Buffalo, but now as you know there’s trouble in Wayne Manor. Back in Feb. of 2012, when Williams was still playing for the Texans, he got engaged to Erin Marzouki — and popped the question with a $785,000, 10-carat diamond engagement ring. So he put a ring on it, but now he wants it back.

And with good reason, it would seem to me — Marzouki called off the engagement earlier this year. So Williams is suing to get the ring back, plus other money he says she goldigged. Goldug?

Court records say the “defendant never intended to marry plaintiff and used the relationship as a means to get to plaintiff’s money and acquire gifts.”

Williams also alleges he purchased more than $230,000 in luxury items for his former fiancee and also gave her a credit card where he claims she charged more than $108,000 in less than a year.

So where is Judge Judy the one time we really need her?

Our advice to Mario? Turn this sorry chapter in your life into a moneymaker. The next production run of MariOs cereal could have a free replica diamond engagement ring in every box.