Mark Sanchez Flinches Like A Scaredy Cat, Will Get Destroyed By Teammates For It

  • Glenn Davis

Every so often, a football team will line up its regular quarterback out wide. Generally, this is a signal that something unusual is about to happen. It might be a Wildcat play…or maybe the quarterback’s actually plays receiver. Whatever the case may be, sometimes the quarterback looks the part. And sometimes he…doesn’t:

Alas, the Jets’ Mark Sanchez falls into the latter category. Apparently, the prospect of lining up across from veteran Bills corner Drayton Florence was too daunting, and the moment got the best of him. At least Sanchez looks to have had a laugh about it – he could afford to. His Jets won 27-11, and when it came to his normal quarterbacking duties, Sanchez performed quite well, completing 20 of 28 passes for 230 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. And one hilarious flinch. To see it in gif form, click here.