Mark Sanchez Throws An Interception At The One-Yard-Line Because That’s What Mark Sanchez Does

  • Joe Levine

What does Sanchez need to do for the Jets to play Tim Tebow? Does he literally have to explode on the field? Burst into flames? Go to jail for murdering someone?

I ask because he’s played so poorly this season that any other team would have benched him by now. But not the Jets. Because the Jets obviously know what they’re doing.

Oh, well. I guess we can just add this play to the heap of terrible plays by Mark Sanchez that have actively taken points away from the Jets this season. Take a look at how a bad quarterback plays:

Sanchez Doing Work

Say what you will about Tim Tebow’s quarterbacking skills, but even he has enough sense to just throw the ball away than turn it over like that. Jeepers creepers.

H/T @CorkGaines