Mark Sanchez Thinks He’s Tim Tebow

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Mark Sanchez Tim TebowDo you remeber Tim Tebow, former second-string WINNER on the New York Jets depth chart? Well, Mark Sanchez, who’s in a quarterback competition with Geno Smith for next year’s job, apparently doesn’t remember his former teammate and what he stood for.

He’s certainly not acting like he’s worried about losing his starting job to rookie Geno Smith — and he’s not talking that way, either. Sanchez all but predicted he will prevail in their open competition.

“When it’s a straight-up competition for the job, let’s roll,” the embattled Sanchez said in a recent sitdown with “It really doesn’t bother me at all. It really doesn’t affect my confidence or anything like that. We’re competing for something. All right, I’m going to win. That’s just how I am.”

All right, he’s going to win! That’s just how he is. A bit insulting to the REAL WINNER who just got cut. Mark Sanchez lost a game a few times; he’s not a winner. Tim Tebow knows what it takes to win. Mark Sanchez knows what it takes to have low character.

But seriously, ease up on the cockiness, Mark. You’re in a competition with an unpolished rookie, and fans will boo you when you win. That’s just how you are.


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