Marshawn Lynch Actually Gave An Interview Yesterday, And The Transcript Is An Instant Classic

  • Eric Goldschein

marshawn lynchSeahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a man of few words, probably because he prefers to talk by smashing you into the ground and stomping the fuck over you. In fact, he didn’t give a single interview to the media this year, and the NFL decided to fine him $50,000 for not making himself available “after each game and once during the week.”

Lynch appealed the fine, and while he technically didn’t “win” the NFL decided not to collect the money on the condition that Lynch meet with the media going forward. Okay, fine. Here’s the transcript from Lynch’s interview at his locker yesterday, provided by Tacoma News Tribune beat writer Todd Dybas:

You get what you ask for, NFL. Well done, Marshawn.

Photo via Getty