Marshawn Lynch Looked Like He Wanted To Murder Someone In His Mugshot

  • Evan Sporer

Marshawn Lynch went all of last season without getting in any legal trouble. He showed how affective he can be as a runner, tallying over 1,200 yards, a career high. But Lynch has has made a history of getting himself into trouble off the field, and yesterday, he was arrested near Oakland on suspicion that he was driving under the influence.

Lynch was booked after a traffic stop, and later submitted to a blood test that revealed his blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. Then he took a very scary mugshot.

In 2008, Lynch had his license suspended for another incident involving a pedestrian. In 2009, Lynch was suspended by the NFL for three games following a weapons charge.

Assuming Lynch was not driving under the influence of Skittles, he could very well be suspended under the league’s new conduct policy.

h/t Larry Brown Sports