Marshawn Lynch Will Soon Have All The Skittles His Heart Desires

  • Glenn Davis

Just as much as his spectacular, somehow-emerging-through-a-mass-of-humanity touchdown run against the Eagles last night, viewers focused on Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch’s choice in sideline power-ups. That choice: a handful of Skittles. Lynch has been doing that for years, but he’d never showcased his enthusiasm for tasting the rainbow on as big a stage as he did last night…and he’s in line to be rewarded for it. CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweeted earlier today:

Skittles is offering Marshawn Lynch a 24-month free supply & a customized dispenser for his locker for last night’s exposure.

Rovell later clarified that he wasn’t joking, and it’s easy to see why Skittles would take this step: everyone was talking about them, and in a god way. Lynch did an awesome thing, then was seen with their product. It’s about the best publicity imaginable. Lynch deserves to unleash beast mode on some tasty bite-size fruit-flavored candies.

And here’s a dead giveaway that Skittles’ offer was the real deal: they’ve done things along these same lines before. And all Derrick Rose had to do, apparently, was enjoy Skittles. Not only is Lynch clearly a fan, he was a fan in front of the whole country. And Rose got free Skittles for three years, not to mention his own machine in his home. If we were Lynch, as tempting as it might be to jump at the chance for a two-year Skittlefest…he might be able to wrangle an even better deal.*

*[ed. note: Just be thankful I didn’t say “sweeten the deal” there. I could have done it, and I spared you. You’re welcome.]

Photo via Shutdown Corner