In A Tradition That Started When He Was A Little Kid, Marshawn Lynch Is Rewarded For A Touchdown… With Some Skittles

  • Dan Fogarty

Marshawn Lynch continues to run like a man possessed, carrying the ball 22 times for 148 yards and two touchdowns during the Seahawks’ 31-14 win over a demoralized Philadelphia Eagles team. When you put a guy like Lynch — a guy playing with purpose — against a team like the Eagles — a team playing with zero purpose — stuff like this tends to happen.

And after this particularly beastly first quarter touchdown run, in which Lynch emerged from a pile of humanity for a 15-yard score, he went to the sideline for a reward: a handful of Skittles. Lynch does it after every touchdown, a tradition that started when he was a little kid and his mom would reward him with the delicious rainbow candy. It’s an incentive system that’s clearly paid off.