Explaining Marshawn Lynch’s Rumbling, Fumbling, Would-Be Game-Winning Touchdown

  • Joe Levine

Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch pounded home the game-winning touchdown from the two-yardline with just 31 seconds remaining to give the Seahawks a short-lived 28-27 lead over the Atlanta Falcons, but not without a little drama.

Lynch, who has already had trouble holding onto the football in the playoff so far, appeared to fumble on his way to the end zone. Luckily for him and Seattle, the ball popped immediately into a Seahawks lineman’s hands as he carried it in for the score.

Or did he?

NFL rules dictate that, in the last two minutes, an offensive player cannot advance the football after recovering a fumble unless it’s the same player who fumbled. With that being the case, the ball would be down at the one yardline (where the lineman recovered the fumble) and Seattle would have to fight on.

All of that being said, Lynch scored before he fumbled and the Falcons immediately scored the game-winning field goal afterwards anyway, so none of this mattered. Sorry for wasting your time. If you want to waste a few more seconds, here’s the actual play in question: