Of Course Marvel And ESPN Are Teaming Up To Make “Special Edition” Tim Tebow Comic Sketches

  • Tom Lorenzo

Tim Tebow, who finished the season as the 28th best quarterback in the NFL, is getting his own special comic book sketches. Yes, the folks over at Marvel Comics, along with ESPN, are giving Tebow, one of the league’s least efficient quarterbacks, the superhero treatment. Here’s what it’ll look like:

So no, this doesn’t seem to be a joke. There is seriously a Tebow comic-sketch-book in the works, called “Tebow Time.” It’s not known what his superpower is going to be (except for his ability to stick in the NFL), but I imagine they’ll somehow work his faith into the storyline. According to Marvel:

“Like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories, Tim Tebow has fans around the world on the edge of their seats and believing that in our own lives when time is running out and all looks lost, we can dig deep inside and use our various strengths to triumph over insurmountable odds,” says Bill Rosemann of Marvel.

In other words, this is yet another ridiculous marketing stunt. Maybe Matt Moore wasn’t available? What about Andy Dalton? He’s a rookie quarterback who led his team to the playoffs. Wait, what’s that guy’s name in Green Bay? Yes, Aaron Rodgers! He’s pretty good, too.

Plus, superhero Tebow doesn’t look all that tough. Where’s the cape? Can he fly? Can he see through buildings? What can Tim Tebow do? No matter the details, I’m pretty sure we can mark this one down as a marketing success for both Marvel and ESPN.

[With Leather, photo via Marvel]