The Details On An NFL Kicker’s DUI Arrest Are Rather Astonishing

  • Dan Fogarty

Denver Broncos kicker Matt Prater was charged last week with driving under the influence and fleeing the scene of an accident in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and the events surrounding his arrest are really quite astounding.

Prater, upon backing his Chevy TrailBlazer into an unoccupied, parked silver sedan in a Hyatt hotel parking lot, was confronted and yelled at by multiple onlookers. So he fled into the hotel’s lobby.

When police arrived and entered the hotel lobby in question, they met a woman who claimed to have been a passenger in the Trailblazer. She and the driver, who she could only identify as “Matt P.” (she didn’t remember his last name) had just come from Shotgun Willie’s, where she worked. Shotgun Willie’s, in case you didn’t know, is the best strip club in Denver, Colorado.

After the accident, Matt P. and the young lady attempted to get a room at the Hyatt but the hotel was full. He apparently took off on her and left her in the lobby, where she was waiting for a cab at the time police talked to her.

So, to recap: Kicker leaves strip club with strip club worker. Kicker wants to take strip club worker to hotel. Kicker backs SUV into parked car. Kicker finds self confronted by angry mob. Kicker flees into hotel lobby with strip club worker. Kicker asks for room but the hotel is full. Kicker abandons strip club worker in panic.

Upon searching the SUV, the police found a Broncos parking permit with Prater’s name on it. They later tracked him down at a nearby La Quinta hotel, gave him a roadside maneuvers test that he failed, and brought him to the police station, where he proceeded to get an acute case of the guilties.

After being transported to the police department, Prater said: “I really messed up. I’m going to lose my job. I deserve this,” the report states.

Whether or not Prater actually is fired remains to be seen; the Broncos have said they’re disappointed in Prater’s “poor judgment,” and will be reviewing the matter internally. But even if Matt P. does get his walking papers, he’ll always have that magical night in the Hyatt parking lot.

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