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Matt Schaub Lost A Chunk Of His Ear On This Hit Sunday

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

Matt Schaub joined an exclusive fraternity Sunday. And I’m definitely not talking about the NFL’s 3-0 club, though his Texans are a part of the esteemed pack. I’m talking about a group that boasts such touted names as Evander Holyfield and Vincent van Gogh. When Joe Mays of the Broncos laid down an awfully illegal head shot on Schaub, he took away a few thousand bucks from his own paycheck — and part of Schaub’s left ear.

Man, that hit was something. I’m surprised it only managed to take with it a small chunk of his ear. That hit looks like it deserves at least a full ear, or the whole head altogether. But Matt Schaub, ever the badass, kept his head on his shoulders and didn’t seem all the worse off after the hit (via LA Times):

“I felt fine,” Schaub said. “I just lost a piece of my ear. I was bleeding and my helmet came off. So I had to come out for a play, but I was fine.”

Oh yeah, the dude was totally fine. Just lost a piece of his ear. NBD. Wipe off the blood, take a play off, and hit the field again, that’s the Schaub way. And I’m sure this little lost lobe will not have been lost for naught. Come on folks you know what’s coming: the replacement refs were responsible for 99 percent Schaub!

OK, so maybe not directly, and maybe they couldn’t have stopped fate from chipping away at Matt’s ear, but that was a devastating hit. It’s one that a fine won’t necessarily stop from happening. What the hit needed was an ejection to follow. And it needed a strong, confident real officiating crew to hand it down.

We can’t just have ears flying all over the place.

[h/t LA Times, photo via]