Maurice Jones Drew’s Taunting Of Cleveland Was Coldblooded, Awesome

  • Glenn Davis

LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat…well, it was rough for Cleveland fans. Even with the NBA lying dormant for the time being, some would still probably rather not think too much about LeBron’s departure and what it meant for the state of pro sports in Cleveland. Alas, after scoring a touchdown today against the Browns, Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was all too happy to offer the home crowd a reminder of their onetime King:

Jones-Drew, of course, isn’t the first player to mimic LeBron’s powder toss. Santonio Holmes did it after his Super-Bowl-clinching catch in 2009. And just last night – with LeBron in attendance, no less – USC players did it during their upset of Oregon. But Jones-Drew is the first opposing player we’ve seen actually do it in front of a Cleveland crowd (besides LeBron himself last year with the Heat). Two powder tosses in two days – imagine how many LeBron references there’d be if his league actually existed right now.

Video by @cjzero.