Maurice Jones-Drew’s Teammate Might Have Not Blocked For Him Because They Were Competing In Fantasy Football [Update: Never Mind]

  • Zach Berger

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio today. According to Larry Brown Sports, he shared a titbit about fantasy football and how it once made it’s way onto the gridiron during a game.

Jones-Drew is a fantasy football player himself and competes in a league including teammates. When offensive lineman Greg Jones was with the Jaguars, he was in the fantasy league. MJD explained that sometimes, fantasy football competition can affect on-field decision making.

“Greg Jones, see, he’s not on the team anymore,” MJD said. “Perfect example: I was playing against him [in fantasy] and we have our equipment guys keep us up on [the score] during games. … If I scored, I was going to [beat Jones].”

Do you see where this is going?

“We got onto the 1-yard line, and they were like, ‘We better call this run play.’ I’m like, ‘Greg, don’t do it.’ And he looked at me and he winked. And I was like ‘Greg, It’s not time to play. This is bigger than [winning in fantasy]. Let’s not do this.’ He wasn’t going to block the guy!”

It’s funny to think that MJD had himself on his fantasy team. Perhaps that provided some extra motivation for him on the field. He never specified if Jones did or didn’t block for him, but something tells me that common sense prevailed and Jones realized that real football is more important than fantasy football.

It makes you wonder if there are any other instances of fantasy football (almost) affecting an actual game. Something tells me that most players would be more tight-lipped with stories like this one than Jones-Drew was.


Update: Maurice Jones-Drew tweeted that the story was a joke. I don’t really believe him.

Photo via Getty Images