Mayor Of Atlantic City Gives Michael Vick Key To The City

  • Rick Chandler

The last time they tried to give a key to the city to Michael Vick was in Dallas, in 2011, and that didn’t go so well. A city councilman came up with the idea, unbeknownst to the mayor. A protester showed up, and tried to show Vick a picture of one of the abused dogs. One of Vick’s bodyguards unleashed an F-bomb at the protester. Later, another member of the Dallas City Council sent an edible key to the city to one of Vick’s dog victims.

So yeah, that went well.

But even though Vick is still getting death threats, another city official has given him a ceremonial key. Philly Mag:

Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford is presenting Michael Vick with a key to the city Thursday afternoon for his support in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“Michael Vick is caring and compassionate enough to reach out to our city when we were at our lowest point during the immediate aftermath of Super Storm Sandy,” said Mayor Langford. “Twelve hours after a nationally televised Monday Night Football game, he was lifting the spirits of our residents confined to shelters with his generosity’ particularly our young people.

“And now, here he is again, helping us to spread the message that Atlantic City is open for business and ready for the summer season, all while continuing to encourage our youth to make positive contributions to the community.”

Vick was in town to back the “Restore the Shore” effort. He is scheduled to take a tour of the revitalized Atlantic City Boardwalk before meeting with local high school students.

Although I’m sure Vick’s efforts on the behalf of storm victims was meaningful, it all sounds like a PR gig to me. Both on behalf of Vick, and the boardwalk.

Dog Mayor does not approve.

Make no mistake, there are still many people who hate Vick with the flaming passion of a thousand suns. And it’s not really subsiding.

H/T SportsbyBrooks.