Donovan McNabb Says He Is The Most Unfairly Criticized Quarterback In History

  • Eric Goldschein

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb has been munching on some sour grapes lately. Yesterday, during a discussion of — who else? — Tim Tebow, McNabb (wisely) interrupted Skip Bayless and (unwisely) said that he, McNabb, was the most criticized quarterback ever. As a former Eagles player, McNabb is certainly in the top 10, but the most ever is pushing it.

McNabb has been firing sour grape salvos all over the place lately. First, he said that Mike Shanahan was going to be bad for Robert Griffin III, an opinion that may have been colored by McNabb’s unceremonious ousting from his starting spot in Washington two years ago.

And during this First Take segment, he sounded bitter from the jump. When asked about Tebow’s latest Tweets, McNabb acted like Tebow had been writing a book rather than a 140-character (x3) thank you note.

But it was this little injection that gave us pause:

“Tim Tebow,” Bayless said, “is the most unfairly, over-criticized quarterback in the history of this league.”

“Negative — I am. Nobody has been criticized as much as I have.”

No doubt McNabb is referring to his time in Philadelphia, as well as the lumps he took trying to adjust in Washington and Minnesota in the twilight of his career. But calling yourself the most unfairly, over-criticized QB ever? Not only is it a little narcissistic, but it’s also untrue. Donovan, you played your heart out, but you never won a championship for Philadelphia, and you fizzled on a epic level in the two other starting spots you managed to briefly claim. Sometimes, criticism is warranted. Just because it’s harsh doesn’t mean it’s unfair, big guy.

When Skip Bayless starts sounding reasonable, you’ve got a problem. McNabb continued to say things that made him sound 100 years old. “Making fun of yourself?” he says incredulously. “I don’t look at Tweets” was also a big selling point, as if he took pride in being out of touch.

Overall, it gave the impression of a man who was not ready to let go of his NFL career. But Donovan said it best himself at the beginning of the segment. Let it go. Just let it go.

Watch the whole segment here, if you can stand listening to Skip Bayless and somebody making Skip Bayless seem normal talk for 13 minutes.