Meet Me In St. Louis: For The World Series, Not Monday Night Football

  • Rick Chandler

St. Louis had to make a choice tonight: the NFL at the Edward Jones Dome, or the World series nine blocks away at Busch Stadium, The fans chose baseball … even though some Rams tickets selling for as little as $8 earlier today, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. You win again, Bud Selig.

Baseball also won on TV, surprisingly, on Sunday night.

Think how the baseball game would have done without Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. The NFL might have lost by 10 points.

Anyway, tonight was only the second time that Monday Night Football and a World Series game have overlapped in the same immediate area. Via Bloomberg:

The New York Giants hosted the Washington Redskins on the same night as game seven of the 1986 World Series between the New York Mets and Boston Red Sox at Shea Stadium (a night Sox fans are still trying to forget). Though Giants Stadium and Shea (now Met Life Stadium and Citi Field) are nearly 25 miles apart and in separate states.

Ticket prices for the Rams-Seahawks game have fallen like a safe over the past four daysL from about $58.11 average per seat to $21.52, with some seats going for as little as $8.

This is a good way to end up based in London, Rams.