Megan Welter Is An Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader, Is Also Heavily Armed

  • Rick Chandler

Megan Welter served a tour of duty in Iraq as a platoon leader, but after she got back it took her three years to work up the courage to try out for the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders.

Something’s out of whack with that sentence, methinks.

Earlier today we presented our latest Pretty Much Screwed NFL season preview on the Arizona Cardinals. Here’s one reason why the team is not screwed: Megan Welter.

She made the cheerleading squad in 2011, and is still there. She’s also an Army reservist. She served in Iraq in 2007.

“I was deployed to Joint Base Belad which is about an hour north of Baghdad. At first, it was, it was scary you know, but…it’s what I signed up to do.” She was only 23 years old and in charge of the maintaining the communications network for the largest base in Iraq. “It was definitely a sink-or-swim type of experience.