Melvin Ingram Performed The Most Creative Handshake Of The NFL Draft’s First Round

  • Glenn Davis

Defensive end/linebacker hybrid Melvin Ingram came off the board later than many thought he would at the NFL Draft last night, falling to the Chargers at the 18th pick. If Ingram was at all discouraged by his mild slide, however, he didn’t show it when he got up on stage to greet commissioner Roger Goodell. Most draftees opt for a hug. Ingram got a little more creative:

And Goodell was pretty game for whatever Ingram wanted to try. Honestly, though we still enjoyed the handshake – anything to break up the monotony of the draft-night process – we can’t help but wish it had been more awkward, because that would have been funnier. And based on the reception Goodell got from the crowd when he first walked out last night, they would have delighted in his discomfort, too.

Video by CJ Fogler.