BREAKING: Kate Upton Appears In Super Bowl Ad In Tasteful Manner

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Via our friends at Styleite, we at SportsGrid can announce the existence of a previously unknown species: a relatively tasteful Kate Upton ad. She isn’t washing a car, dancing in a swimsuit, getting to know a burger in the biblical sense, or even showing excessive cleavage! This won’t be the funniest or best Super Bowl commercial, but it’s ambitious and has some well-known folks in it (like, say, Kate Upton), so it will be discussed. Get a head start and check out the new Kate Upton, who is more than just ZOMG BOOBIES. She has now graduated to Trophy Beau, with feelings and clothes like you ordinary people. Progress!

Next thing you know, Upton will be doing voiceovers and starring in Benjamina Button, wearing old-person makeup.