Merril Hoge Clarifies Tebow Comments… By Saying He’s Just Like Brian Bosworth

  • Timothy Burke

ESPN NFL analyst Merril Hoge expanded upon his “it’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tim Tebow” comment Thursday on Mike & Mike In The Morning by saying he felt the quarterback was on the track of notorious football flop Brian Bosworth.

The widely-repeated comment, which drew a snarky response from Tebow and even drew opinion from NBA star LeBron James, led Hoge to clarify by comparing Tebow to the most overhyped player in NFL history:

While Hoge did make it clear the hype in Bosworth’s case was generated by Bosworth himself, it’s certainly not an attempt to mend the fences.

I compare him to Brian Bosworth as far as the hype, not self-inflicted. Nothing like how Brian Bosworth came out. He created a this hype about himself. He was amazing in college, correct? He comes to the NFL, average at best. and what i would witness — we got to play the Seattle Seahawks, and i’m watching tape on defense, and i’m noticing this number 55 is taking shots all over the field. they run a sweep to the right, ok? I watch the left tackle hump as has as he can to hit 55. Why is that? Brian Bosworth because he run his mouth, and he came into this league, players do not like that. They cannot stand that. And they go out of their way to take shots at him. well, physically, they beat Brian Bosworth up. He was a nonfactor. Tebow did not come in here and hype himself and say he’s great, but people have. The media has. Now, i can’t fault him for taking advantage of these opportunities, but then you better have the skill set to back it. Unfortunately, he does not. He has a marginal skill set.

It remains to be seen if Tebow will “‘ppreciate” the recent Hoge blast.