“I Think He’s Phony”: Watch Merril Hoge Rip Tim Tebow A New One

  • Dan Fogarty

In mid-November, the New York Daily News reported that Tim Tebow’s Jets teammates thought he was “terrible.”

Yes, he took the Broncos to the playoffs last year with a late-season surge that made for a really nice story, and yes, the Jets were one of the teams knocked off by Tebow’s scrambly magic (his passing stats for that win last season: 9-20 for 104 yards). But to the players on his new team — the ones he’s been practicing with every day — that success appeared to be a product of a gimmicky Wildcat system. And as the throws in the dirt piled up, and Tebow himself showed no real signs of improvement, those suspicions became an accepted reality within the organization: The guy should never have been brought in, and he simply wasn’t very good.

Earlier this week, Tebow was told that he’d be passed over for the newly-vacant starting job in favor of Greg McElroy. Mark Sanchez’s time was up… but Tebow’s didn’t exist.

He didn’t take this well, according to ESPN New York.

New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow was so frustrated when the starting job was conferred upon Greg McElroy early last week that he told the coaches he didn’t want to be used in any Wildcat packages Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, multiple Jets sources told ESPNNewYork.com.

The image of Tebow taking his ball and going home with it would seem to conflict with the image of him as a team-first guy, one willing to play on the punt team if that’s where he was most needed. It’s an image Tebow and his people have worked hard to cultivate, and it’s part of the reason Merril Hoge said he smelled like “a three-day old fish” on SportsCenter this morning. I don’t 100% know what this means, but I’m pretty sure it’s a folksy euphemism for “being full of shit.”

The fish line comes at the 2:09 mark. Some other important notes: Adam Schefter reports (during this segment, actually) that Tebow eventually went to Rex Ryan on Friday and “had a good conversation.” Schefter also brings up a good point, which is that Tebow was promised certain things by the Jets’ front office (15-20 snaps per game) that he never got, and his childish reaction to the McElroy news was the culmination of a season-long lesson in frustration.

Still, Merril Hoge ain’t playing that.