Much Like Warren Sapp, We Have No Idea What The Hell Michael Irvin Is Talking About

  • Lorenzo Arguello

Indianapolis Colts fans are not the only ones upset over Peyton Manning likely being out for the season, and the team’s lack of a suitable backup.

Master dresser and NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin expressed his displeasure over the Colts’ lack of preparedness for life without Peyton, noting that the suddenly-unretired Kerry Collins is not a suitable backup.

Irvin also let everyone know that these kinds of situations are exactly what’s wrong with society today.

“The young ladies today…they’re not learning from mom…how to cook. WE’RE LOSING RECIPES!” he said, as his fellow broadcasters looked on with varying looks of amazement, amusement, and utter confusion. Missed ya, football.

[h/t Awful Announcing]

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