Michael Sam Is Going To Win All Of Us Over, One ‘Back To The Future’ Reference At A Time

  • Eric Goldschein

michael sam nflBecause America affords all of its citizens the right to be an idiot, there is a Texas lobbyist — not a lawmaker, mind you — out there who wants to ban gay players from the NFL. Silly lobbyist, don’t you know that banning homosexuality is only something you can in Arizona, provided you’re super duper religious?

But gay people are coming to the NFL locker room, whether you’re cool with it or not (and based on the outpouring of support for Sam since his announcement, we’re guessing most of you are cool with it). In fact, they’re likely already there. We know they’ve been there before. So if you’re looking to save society, you’re way too late.

This fact isn’t lost on Michael Sam, who tweeted out this gem of a response to news that this lobbyist (referred to by his given name below) wants to supersede his own beliefs of keeping government out of the affairs of a private business and tell that business not to hire gay people:

Everyone likes a “Back To The Future” reference. If you’re against Michael Sam playing in the NFL — you poor, bored, backwards bastard, you — ask yourself if you’re really so different from him. You both like that movie, don’t you? Of course you do. Everyone likes that movie. Now shut up.

Photo via Getty