Michael Sam Debate On Dallas Talk Show Causes Co-Host To Walk Off Set

  • Rick Chandler

“And you’re leaving now.”

“I’m going to Midland.”

Let that be our new national password for storming away from a touchy conversation during which we are beginning to lose our temper. The show is called “The Broadcast”, on KTXD in Dallas — which is kind of a countryfied, local version of “The View”. The debate, of course, is on the Michael Sam Draft Kiss on ESPN. Two of the co-hosts, Lisa Pineiro and Courtney Kerr, are of the “What’s the big deal?” opinion. The other two — Suzie Humphries and Amy Kushnir — have a more conservative, outraged view.

Best part: toward the end of the video, Kushnir becomes so exasperated that she gathers her stack of papers and walks off the set — in the middle of the conversation.

Her parting words: “I’m going to Midland.”

It all makes for pretty good, if not very sophisticated, television — and goes to show what lengths some shows will go to to place people with divergent viewpoints into a Mason jar and shake it for ratings.

Let’s meet the participants:

Lisa Pineiro (black dress, far right on panel): Needs to be introduced to Dale Hansen … we sense chemistry.

Courtney Kerr (black and white dress, far left on panel): Needs to study “Vocabulary For Dummies” prior to any on-air opinion-making. Also needs to be told what “racist” means.

Suzie Humphries (older woman, second from right): Needs her own reality show, billing herself as the country Sharon Osbourne. Either that, or a cooking show.

Amy Kushnir (white and black dress, second from left): Needs a smart, functional attaché case for quick and easy exits from conversations that are not going her way.

Watch as much or as little of the video as you want and make your own decision. I’m only going to comment on one portion. It’s when Humphries hikes up her patriotic bloomers and launches into the old, tired “free speech” misconception:

Humphries: “I live in America, and I feel that I still have the right to freedom of speech, and I don’t have to be penalized for my opinions. That I have that right, as an American.”

By now she was talking about Donald Sterling, the conversation having veered wildly and inexplicably from Michael Sam. Grrrr … that a woman can have reached Humphries’ advanced age and not understand what freedom of speech is all about is somewhat annoying. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences, my dear. If the government knocks down your door and arrests you for expressing your views on Donald Sterling, that’s against the law. If the Miami Dolphins fine a player for insulting Michael Sam on Twitter, that’s the consequences of him running his own mouth. Learn the difference.

But on Sam: Humphries also expressed dismay that ESPN would shove the “gay kiss” in her face, when she finds it offensive. I’m paraphrasing Louie C.K. when I write, how is that my fucking problem? Two guys are in love and they can’t kiss on TV because you’re offended? Your homophobic views offend me, Humphries. Deeply. Why should I have them forced on me during daytime Texas TV? In MY OWN HOME. I still live in AMERICA.

(Walks off set).

I’m going to Midland.